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What I need to get Best Skip tracing?

You need to send us the File with property Owners, Property Addresses or Mailing Addresses. Rest of Task we'll do

How much Accurate SMART Tracing Data?

After Complete the Experiment we got Maximum 99% correct Phone Numbers and Contact Info's

How much time will take to complete Skip tracing for Every List

As doing by Human Intelligence, It'll take up to 24-48 hours to complete Skip Tracing of your list. Also It's depend on your Contact Quantity

Do you have Moneyback Guarantee?

Yes, For unsatisfied customers, We are giving 100% Moneyback guarantee.

When I place an order what information will I receive?

The results will include up to 8 Phone numbers per lead and it will indicate whether that phone number is mobile or residential and the most recent address.

What's your minimum order?

You must submit at least 20 records to order skip tracing. You are getting up to 20 Skip Tracing for free.

What if you can’t find data for each lead I submit?

We are giving a Credit for any unmatched records. After complete the Skip Tracing, You'll get a credit for each unmatched records and you can use that for next skip tracing.

Can you skip trace LLC?

Yes. As we are doing it manually, We do LLC Skip Trace too. We search SOS site to find the Owner of LLC and Then we skip trace for him/ her.

What Is Your Minimum Hit Rate?

The normal rate is 70-90% based on the list quality, although the rate can lower depending on the quality of the list. It is also to note that if the list quality is not good, then the rate will drop. Although rare, we have seen a rate grow to 99%, but it is not as common.

Do I Need To Have The Name Of The Lead, Can't We Do It Through Address Only?

Yeah, If you submit only property address, We can find the owner of Property and then we'll skip trace them

Where Are You Located And What Are Your Working Hours?

We are located in Florida, USA (Eastern Daylight Time) and we are giving support for 24 Hours.

Do You Provide Single Skips?

Yes, You can get up to 20 Skip Trace for free.

Is there a Membership fee?

No. There is no membership fees for our services.

How do I pay?

Once you place an order, You need to pay through your Debit or Credit card.

What is your refund policy?

Yes, For Unsatisfied Client, We are offering to refund 100%.

Would I Get A Refund If The Sheet Format Was Wrong?

Once you submit a report to our email, We will take a step to refund your money to your payment method and it'll take up to 7-10 Business Days.

Will I Get A Refund For The Leads Returned Without Numbers?

You will get a credit for each unmatched records and you can use this credit for next order.

Am I Paying For The Hit Rate Or The Total Amount And Why?

Yes, you will get the total input because it is part of the package.